Saudi King Abdullah buried in Riyadh – Riyadh Video

The man who ruled Saudi Arabia as king or de facto regent since the mid 1990’s is buried in a simple shroud in an unmarked grave, according to strict Wahhabi…
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  1. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:
    “there is no Muslim who dies on the day of Friday or the night of Friday,
    but Allaah will protect him from the trial (fitnah) of the grave.” Narrated
    by Ahmad, 6546; al-Tirmidhi, 1074. al-Albaani said: When all its isnaads
    are taken into consideration, this hadeeth is hasan or saheeh. 

  2. I know Muslims are mad at him. But remember that you should not speak ill
    of dead people. He died and will be judged by Allah on the Day of
    Judgement. So there is no need for people to say he will go to hell or
    anything like that. Because it will be Allah’s judgement not yours. 

  3. This is an Islamic tradition of burial .
    Not an wahabi salafi hanafi or so on .

  4. There is No God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his final

  5. I can see fellow muslims are fighting with Saudis so I guess there is a
    disconnect here.
    But it seems that the Saudis in general were pleased with their King
    so……well to each his own I guess.
    If the Saudis aren’t adopting to Western ideals why get pissed about it?
    You other muslims in general rant against the West all the time.

  6. Pig Suudi Arab Pharaoh be died ..I wish so He will go to hell….Allah
    gives to the punishment to Pig Pharaoh in hell. Allahü Ekberrr :D

  7. This not Wahhabii tradition this isalmic tradition stupid poeple. God
    forgive him. To the heaven King of humanity.

  8. Now he can join his other fellow Saudi, Osama Bin Laden.

  9. I just hope his brother will use their tremendous personal wealth to feed
    poor Muslims and non-muslims all around the world.They have that kind of
    money,there is no excuse.

  10. The wahhabi version of Islam was created to destroy Islam within! Ask any
    Sunni or Shiite and they can tell you about this!
    They should feed his body to the hungry dogs as even the dogs are more much
    Loyal than him and his family put together!

  11. May Allah grant him Paradise!

  12. this is the way of the prophet and not a man made religion of burring dead

  13. People who watch this video should respect king Abdullah he is so generous
    to all countries so if you think he is a wahabi please do more research I
    am a Saudi and I am proud to be one. If y’all don’t like Saudi Arabia then
    keep it to your selves and don’t waste other educated people’s time to

  14. How is this a wahabi tradition? It’s a islamic burial duh!

  15. I remember during king fahad’s funeral (the previous king before king
    abdullh) …the heard the “CNN” reporter said that king fahad was buried
    according the “Bedouin” traditions.
    why western medias alwayes r falling in stupid mistakes??!!!

  16. Listen, I am against what’s called (Wahhabism) but seriously the burial
    method is something inherit from the traditional muslim belief. Some call
    it Wahhabi because Wahhabis used to destroy tombs built in Arabia in the
    19th-20th century because they thought people were worshiping them
    (Actually some were). So please get your information straight +Reuters 

  17. And there was great rejoicing !

  18. Saudi Arabia has no economy, no infrastructure, no nothing – except Oil.
    The leaders of Saudi Arabia have been atrocious. When America rings the
    saudis purchase a few billion dollars of military equipment that they will
    never use. This man was an american puppet. watch how all the westerners
    flock to pay their respects. and of course the dumb saudis will blow
    another few billion propping up western countries.

  19. King or Poor everyone shall taste of death !
    There is No God but Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him

  20. May ALLAH SW forgives him and us also ameen

  21. Is it true he imprisoned his own daughters for so many years & they still
    are locked up and did not allow them to be with their mother? I heard the
    whole House of Saud are all corrupted people. Anyway, who am I to judge ( I
    just read all this stuff) because Allah knows the truth and they will
    answer for everything. 

  22. All what he took alongside with him are his deeds and sayings.
    No oil, no petro$, no palace, no political games. That’s it, he is like
    everyone else.
    Begins now phase number 1 of taking care of paybacks. Very, very difficult
    phase indeed.


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